U.S. equity indices will step up Saudi Arabia equity

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The financial analyst said that what he suffered from the repercussions of the Saudi market last week and improvement in the performance of U.S. stocks will reflect positively on the performance of the market this week.

They noted that the market would open the area in the coming period to foreign news, which plays a major role in moving him to the heights come the fact that the market has exhausted all stimuli internal height greater during the first quarter such as distribution of profits and announce the results of companies, according to the "East" Saudi Arabia.

The Financial Analyst and Economist Dr. Abdullah Baeshen that the Saudi market is affected by two factors: one internal and one external, reported that the internal factor is the movement of traders and their activity in the trading operations, while the external factor is to the movement of U.S. stocks and the economic crisis of the European, especially as indicators of America during the past two days was positive, which means affected by the Saudi market with the positive start of the week.

He pointed out that the market is subjected to a kind of Rebound will give the opportunity for traders and researchers an opportunity to offset some of the losses, which affected the market in previous periods.

Dr. Baeshen confirmed that the market is under pressure of fluctuations beyond the control of the market, and if able to maintain the gains achieved during the first quarter, in addition to the great support made by the companies listed on the market, it will achieve the same results and figures that have been made, but to move the market to phase of progressive gains new, it may need to be paid by the periods of time to achieve leaps beyond the current figures for the index.