Team One Consulting’s - New Stock Advisory Service

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TeamOne is about to introduce a Stock Advisory Service, this is to coincide with the Tadawul being open to foreign investors. From the first half of 2015, International Investors will be allowed to invest in the Saudi stock market; this will definitely increase the value of the Tadawul Index as foreign investments will be injected into Saudi Companies.


The Saudi Economy is expected to grow, therefore should indicate excellent opportunities for foreign investors.

With this excellent new development, we at TeamOne are starting our own Stock Advisory Service, This great service will comprise of three aspects.


1. To educate members of the Public of the Stock Market and how to pick winning Stocks based on Fundamental and Technical Analysis.

2. We will also be advising on Stock picks for both short and long term Investors.

3. Finally advise people on International Stocks such as Europe and America.

For more information please call the office and Register.


Daniel Joseph

Financial Market Analyst