Award Development & Assessment

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Awards are generally one of the best tools for bringing in and stabilizing certain behaviors within targeted audience. In our view, each awards has its unique nature originated from its strategic objectives and associated stakeholders. Accordingly, we believe in TeamOne that each award should be developed based on the results of a thorough strategic analysis of its key stakeholders.


We have developed, through our experience in developing and managing many awards in the Middle East, a unique approach for building up and implementing strong structures for awards enabling the achievement of targeted objectives from launching them.


Our approach starts with setting up the strategic framework for the award which is typically developed in an interaction workshop with you where we assists in setting up clear strategic objectives of the award and guide you in drafting the right vision and mission statement for it. Having clarity of the award strategic objectives we move to the second phase in which we identify all key stakeholders associated with the awards for us to carry an extensive analysis of their needs, expectations and don’t wants from the award. As a result of this thorough analysis, We put together a long list of strategic hypothesis that further analyzed and tested while building the award in the next phase of the project. In this phase we will provide series of workshop targeted at defining strategic elements of the award including:


         Awards Launching Strategy

·         Award’s Marketing Strategy

·         Award’s Operational Strategy

·         Award’s Human Resources Strategy

·         Award’s Financial Strategy


We close this phase by developing a comprehensive five years business plan for the award outlining all its objectives and strategies and tactics for achieving them. It also includes the Award’s financial model which defines its revenue sources and its overall expected expenses over the coming five years.

Once we have a clear strategic directions towards achieving the Award’s strategic objectives, We will work with you in building up the remaining element of the Award including mainly its Bylaws, Assessment Standards and Tools and Operational Policies and Procedures Manual.

Once we have developed all the key elements of the Award and to ensure successful implementation, we could work with you in all aspects associated with running the award including selection and assessment, quality assurance and other support services based on your needs.