Merger and Acquisition

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Are you considering to promote the value of your investments from your core business or through entering into a complementary business? Do you have plans in place to eliminate or mitigate the market and competition risks? Are you planning to establish an investment entity that can withstand the varying economical environment? Then, M&A is an ideal strategic option that you may need to adopt to enhance your financial and competitive edge. Advantages for both parties Either party in the M&A process will enjoy direct and indirect advantages, such as enhancing the financial and competitive edge, reducing fixed operating costs, transferring knowledge and reducing the capital investment. Such advantages emanate from the basic success factors of the M&A process, which include:


  Homogeneous businesses of the two merging entities.
  Competent management teams.
  Clear and full understanding of the short and long term objectives of the
    M&A process.


Structuring and Methodology

Through its integrated team of professional consultants (specialized in the fields of assessment, feasibility studies, strategic planning, finance), TeamOne furnishes the client with relevant information to help him conduct the M&A process smoothly and in a methodological manner according to the best local and international professional standards and practices and in line with the governing laws and regulations. TeamOne’s methodology include:


  Verify the critical success factors of the M&A process.
  Study basic feasibility of the process.
  Define the optimal approach of the process.
  Develop business strategy and implementation plans.
  Subsequent follow up of the intended objectives.