Business Valuation

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Selecting the right business valuation firm for your business opportunity is important. Whether buying, selling, borrowing, or planning, it is critical to make informed business decisions from a position of knowledge and strength. T eamOne business valuation services, also referred to as company valuation services, are designed to meet your business development needs.


Design, Structure, Methodology, Support

As a business valuation firm we take pride in our ability to develop the proper analytical design, structure, and methodology for your company valuation. This includes, for example, cost of capital development, terminal value, methodology, strategy quantification, and forecast analysis. But, our business valuation service offers more than just numbers or reports. Our clients look to T eamOne valuation for real-time negotiation support, transaction-related services, and business evaluation of their strategic alternatives.

TeamOne Valuation has provided business valuation services ranging from the biggest private equity transactions in excess of Billion SAR to small and medium-sized businesses (SME) seeking loon approval. Regardless of size, the dynamics involved in each company valuation are often complex, with strategic, technological, and market-based issues affecting business value and cash flow. We are well-versed in the application of business valuation techniques most appropriate for your situation.


Creating Shareholder Value

Quantification of shareholder value is often a key ingredient in company governance and decision-making processes. Perhaps your board of directors requires a fairness opinion or a recent acquisition must be tested for goodwill impairment. Our business valuation services and financial consulting services cover a multitude of business situations including:


  Quantitative forecast analysis for mergers and acquisitions (M&A).
  Business valuation, divestitures, asset sales or purchases.
  Joint venture, minority/majority and cash flow interests.
  Goodwill impairment.
  Intellectual property valuation.
  license, royalty, and patent valuation.
  Fairness opinion.


 Fundamentals Drive Value

Ultimately, any company valuation is primarily a function of its core business fundamentals. Often times, though, current market situations can distort a business evaluation and, therefore, distort perceived business value. But market forces have a way of catching up with reality. That's why our business valuation firm emphasizes fundamentals in developing our business valuation, financial, and strategic recommendations.