Financial Due Diligence

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Due Diligence

Any firm intends to enter into a specific financial transaction or arrangement relating to another entity such as merger and acquisition, partial investment, mutual investment, partnership, joint venture, etc. must conduct precise verification of assumptions and data relating to the entity or transaction, which is so cold "Due Diligence". Due Diligence secures the required level of confidence between prospective partners through analyzing and verifying the financial, commercial, operational and strategic processes and data. TeamOne’s Due Diligence processes include verification of the targeted entity or enterprise’s financials and markets, harmony of business nature, realizable profits, projected cash flows, operational and strategic issues and intended transaction structures.


Why do you need Due Diligence?


You may seek business enhancements through acquisition of products or activities that match with your products in terms of function and performance.

You may need to develop your current business by acquisition of complementary or secondary products or business.

You wish to acquire a business to have its current products in an existing market or expand your customers base.

You may desire to expand your products portfolio through acquiring new products for better hedging and distribution of risks.

You may need to invest in new markets and industry.



Design, structuring, and Methodology

TeamOne’s consultants can help you promote your understanding of the intended entity/project’s business, increase potentials of realizing the targeted objectives and indentify and understand the critical success factors to take informative investment decisions, determine the strengths and weaknesses, and identify the optimal options to handle them. Our due diligence methodology includes the following:


Understanding the requirements:

that are related to the current and future conditions of the intended project. Planning: to accomplish the project timely and satisfactorily to your requirements through our competent, qualified and experienced team.

Historical Performance:

as an important indicator to determine the extent of realizing long and short term objectives.

Estimated performance:

promote confidence in the ability of the intended enterprise to realize the projections in light of the KPIs.

Basic analysis:

to identify the enterprise and the market’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities an Threats (SWOT).

Conclusions and Recommendations:

prepare the process report that documents the remarks and recommendations. TeamOne has conducted a broad range of due diligence studies to many clients from different industries (such as utilities and services, manufacturing, medical, education, etc). Irrespective of the project’s nature, the experience and know how of our consultants to adapt the study methodology and identify the strategic trend is the cornerstone in hitting the critical success factors of the project. Our consultants understand fully and deeply all applications and technologies relating to projects feasibility studies, and they will utilize their best knowledge to meet your needs.


Added Value

Due Diligence studies is a risk management tool. Our consultants identify and study the risks underlying the enterprise’s business, assess the financial consequences and other factors affecting the efficiency and viability of the business/enterprise, draw plans and take measures to eliminate or mitigate the potential negative results aiming to maximize the benefits of the transaction. TeamOne helps to shape a clear picture and full understanding of all enterprise operations, including, but limited, to the following aspects:

  Legal issues.
  Current and estimated financial condition.
  Relevant laws and regulations.
  Enterprise strategy and objectives, and Current and future market