Initial Public Offering

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Initial Public Offering (IPO) is about offering part of the firm's capital for public subscription, and listing the company shares in the stock market (Exchange) in the country where the firm operates or in other international stock markets. IPO is a tool to meet the firm's need for financial resources and distribute risks over more investors. Offering shares to the public is an excellent source for strong and stable funding of the firm to finance its projects and expansions. IPO process is always associated with a qualitative shift in the firm's organizational, financial and managerial structures and enhancement of its internal controls.

IPO Management

IPO process management, from concept to listing in the Exchange, requires specific experience and clear understanding of legal and regulatory requirements, financial implications and risk management. TeamOne is among the first companies that were licensed by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) to provide arrangement and advisory services with regard to securities, which support our technical ability to mange IPOs. TeamOne enjoys the experience to handle all aspects of Initial Public Offerings in addition to their diversified educational and professional backgrounds.

Structuring and Methodology

Through its integrated IPO study and management team, TeamOne provides reliable information to support the IPO decision, choose the proper capital market and suitable time for the IPO process, which includes several transactions and tasks such as:


  Interpreting rules and regulations governing IPOs.
  Restructuring your company to fit regulatory requirements.
  Establishing regulations and controls within the company.
  Determining the fair market value of the company.
  Determining the offer shares for public subscription and capital structure.
  Coordinating with other stakeholders in the IPO Process.
  Determining the optimal timing for the IPO.