Business plan

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For a firm, one of the most important elements of a strategic business plan is supporting the overall objectives of the business with a sound and applicable financial plan, that must be built according to careful operational assumptions that account for all relevant factors, such as the firm's market position, industry, managerial and operational competencies, proper financing resources, capital structure and operational strategies impacting the firm's financial activities.

Design, Structuring and Methodology

Using our built up expertise and successful track record in drawing and managing financial plans for well-known corporations in many sectors, TeamOne’s Financial Business Plan consultancy service will help you plan and manage your finance and achieve your previously set business plan objectives. We offer you a comprehensive financial business plan service including:


  Identify assumptions and their applicability.
  Identify revenues and cash inflows projections.
  Identify costs and cash outflow projections.
  Develop future financial statement projections.
  Basic financial analysis.
  Sensitivity analysis.