Feasibility Studies

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Investors need to give particular attention to feasibility studies prior to launching their projects and initiatives. The feasibility study is an important prerequisite to the initiative as it highlights the background and approach over which the decision can be taken to proceed with the investment or reject it, or differentiate between different investment decisions. A Feasibility study that is based on knowledge and systematic approach, regardless of its purpose (a new project or vertical/horizontal expansion of an existing one) can minimize the risk profile and protect the investor's wealth. TeamOne paves the way to help investors make relevant investment decisions based on accurate market and financial information through a carefully designed mythology that accommodates the rapid changes at work environment.

Design, Structuring and Methodology

Based on our cumulative investment experience that shaped our reliable capabilities to design and implement business methodologies to the most optimal global and local practices, TeamOne has embarked upon a comprehensive methodology to conduct feasibility studies that embed the main components of feasibility studies, i.e. Market, technical and financial studies.


Market Study:

Provides detailed analysis of the relevant market as well as current and estimated supply and demand on the project services/products.

Technical Studies:

Provides technical details such as product specifications, assets, machinery and equipment, manpower, etc. that are required for the project establishment and operation, as well as the estimated organization structure.

Financial Studies:

Provides the most important estimated project indicators and ratios, capital, financial statements, operation results, cash flows throughout the projection period.

Market Research:

TeamOne proprietary Market Research Center conducts market and desktop surveys through its group of consultants and researches who are well trained and prepared to use advanced market research technologies. We have conducted a broad range of feasibility studies to different clients from almost every industry (such as real estate, manufacturing, utilities and services, building and construction, hospitality, hotels, travel and tourism, entertainment, commerce, agriculture, etc).

Irrespective of the project’s nature, the experience and know how of our consultants to adapt the study methodology and identify the strategic trend is the cornerstone in hitting the critical success factors of the project. Our consultants understand fully and deeply all applications and technologies relating to projects feasibility studies, and they will utilize their best knowledge to meet your needs.



Added Value to Investors

A systemic study prior to making investment decisions lay down a reliable foundation to accept the level of underlying risks. Our feasibility study and financial consulting services cover in-depth the several aspects and requirements at work environment, including:

 - Quantitative Analysis of estimated market supply and demand for the intended project’s services/products.

 - Identify the critical success factors.

 - Assess the planned KPIs.

 - Identify the Project’s Financial Projections.

 - Supervise the setting up of business and operational plans.

 - Provide subsequent advisory services and follow up of execution.


Basic elements to determine the investment viability

Those include, but not limited to:

 - Financial return.

 - Participation in sustainable development.

 - Level of knowledge.

 - Economical outcome.

 - Necessary technology and support.

 - Country perspective.

 - Social Outcome.

 - Availability of managerial and operational capabilities, and Long/short term objectives.