Strategic Organization Design

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With the increase in complexity in mordent business environment and the ever increase in factors impacting the building up organizational success, it is getting extremely important that businesses adapt flexible organizational structure enabling them to achieve sustainable competitive advantage through the continuous interactions with the strategic directions.


In TeamOne, we have developed a holistic approach following a well-structured methodology to facilitate the rapid development of a strategic-focused organizational design.


This methodology consists of four major phases starting with the confirmation of the organizational strategic directions in a series of structured workshops with the organization’s top management team. The objective in these workshops is to establish the strategic base that the organization is built upon, including its vision, mission, strategic objectives and tactical strategic directions adapted to achieve these objectives. In the second phase, we work closely with you in building up the appropriate high level operational model of your organization which defines the distribution of major functions along the value chain and the support function over the any of three basic axes defined as customer, geographic, products or services. Once your high level operating model has been defined, we will work with you in the third phase in defining your detailed business systems incorporating your corporate culture, your business processes, your management processes and your information systems. In the final phase, we bring your management team in interactive workshop facilitated by our experienced consultants that will work with you in driving out the bet options to strategically structure your organization. The enriched analytical views and discussions around these options, will facilitate the development of the optimal design for you to adapt which will enable you to ensure full alignment with your strategic directions, your operating model and your business systems.