Private Placement

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Private Placement is an important tool for financing projects, fostering growth and attracting investors who may constitute strategic partners to the engagement. Private Placement targets raising funds through offering shares or bonds to selected investors.


Companies may opt to go to private placement for several reasons:


  High flexibility with regard to the targeted amount, which may range
    from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of Saudi Riyals.
  Ability to determine the type and nature of investors and choose the
    suitable ones whose vision match with the firm's.
  Fostering continuous growth of the firm without affecting its liquidity or
    sustaining other financing risks.
  Quicker collection of the targeted amount.


Design Methodology and Approach

Through its distinctive methodology that is carefully designed to suit Private Placement transaction in the Kingdom and other GCC states, TeamOne provides the following services:


  Advisory services and structuring of all private placement aspects.
  Company valuation and advisory services with regards to the share
    price and method of allocation.
  Coordination with the relevant government authorities and secure the
    required approvals.
  Prepare a list of strategic investors.
  Prepare the private placement memorandum and present it to selected
    prospective investors.
  Agree with receiving banks.
  Follow-up and manage the subscription process.


The extensive experience of our consultants in this arena enables them to bring this process to a successful end with due speed and efficiency.