Market Study

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The Investor, before launching any new product or service in the market place will have to answer a number of questions, which may, if answered properly, drive success potentials. The questions include: Can I make money selling this product or service? What factors will guarantee or hamper my success? Who sells something similar? Who is the potential client? How much is the market share? These are among many questions that will determine the likelihood of success of a new launch and reduce the underlying risks.



Supply and Demand

To ensure the successful launch of a new product or service, you need to know what your competitors are offering (Supply) and who is buying it (Demand). The essential tools gained through Market Research will be of increasing value to you during the life of your business as you set and attain strategic objectives.



Design, Methodology and Approach

Through its integrated market survey team, TeamOne will give you a fresh awareness of the characteristics of your target market and an understanding of industry market shares. We will research and compile this information so that you can make a sound decision using the best data available and thereby protect your investment. TeamOne’s methodology include:


  Full Analysis of your business and industry.
  Analysis of major competitors.
  Pricing strategy.
  Market trends.
  Market gaps and market segmentation.


TeamOne has conducted many market surveys either independently or as main input for other financial services such as feasibility studies and business assessments. TeamOne enjoys an established track records in conducting market researches and surveys for different industries, such as real estate, manufacturing, services, construction, hotel accommodation, tourism, entertainment, commerce, agriculture, etc.